It’s time to get down to business here. Humanrobots. What are they? How can you tell who they are? Is your best friend one? Are you one?

Each week, or however often I feel like it, I’ll be bringing you up to speed on the current standout humanrobot.

To kick off this most important first installment, I figured we’d go with none other than the humanrobot leader herself, Miss Sarah Palin.

Earlier this week she was on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. Why an unemployed, ex-politician, hack-writer-who-just-squeezed-out-a-shit-book-to-make-a-bunch-of-money was on a show of that magnitude is beyond me. Nevertheless, she was. And not only there to tell people why Fox News is ‘fair and balanced’, she also launched her comedic career???

Her plan of becoming elected in 2012 as the first female President based solely on her celebrity and not on intellect and tools to help this country is coming to fruition. Remember during the last campaign when she couldn’t tell Katie Couric which newsspapers she read or when she didn’t understand that Africa is a continent?

That my friends is why she is the epitome of a humanrobot. She is the latest wave of regression within politicians and it’s a slippery slope. The floodgates will open and the path to even dumber and dumber leaders of our nation will continue being tread.